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Claim your name online

Claim your name online

Social Media has been around for a few years now and while many have embraced it with glee, still there are some of us who are wondering how to use some platforms, how much can people actually see of our information or even if we need to be on them at all. Start by googling your own name and see what results show up. Here’s an example of my name after doing the five things listed below and this was achieved in a short amount of time.


Here are the 5 main points I’ve learnt about individual (personal) profiles during the last few years of online marketing and how to claim your name online. These are based on some simple premises that you should keep in mind:


* most every platform is free to use (some offer a premium paid version) but to keep these services free they use advertising and promotions to pay for the cost of offering a free service. With this in mind, all information you include helps their algorithms determine what advertising to present that might be of interest.


* the service you choose to use is owned by them, controlled by them and therefore the cost of operating is carried by them. When you sign-on you have to agree to the terms and conditions of use. It is always advisable to read them and be familiar with their guidelines – ignorance is no defence. If you don’t like it then your best option is carry the cost of setting up your own social network.



* the best defence to ensure your online reputation is secured and managed well is to claim your identity. The social networks can be likened to real estate or a gold rush in a way and if you want to claim ownership you need to do it now before someone else does.


1. Make sure you complete your profile and use the privacy settings to determine what is visible using the platforms privacy level settings.


#Tip1 Create one profile template that you can use to copy and paste information into every platform. Tweak it for each platform as they each attract a different audience.



2. Use your proper name not a psuedo, a true photo of yourself and make sure the image name is changed to your name. e.g. Name = Paula Gainey, Image = Paula Gainey.jpg


#Tip2 Get a headshot photo done or work on a great selfie. This is not about vanity but making sure your real image is a true likeness. Simple rules for selfies include to try taking the photo with the phone raised slightly above your head and to the side. This forces you to lift your chin up and turn your eyes to the camera – creates a more flattering profile than a front-on, then give your best grin (think of something cheeky thats been said) to get the smile to show up in your eyes.


3. Claim your real name as your URL username (you may find that someone else already has it so find a way to get as close to your name as possible e.g.  PaulaGainey and claim the same name on every platform you use.


#Tip3 If someone with the same name has already claimed it, try the lowercase version or combinations of upper and lower case or adding an extra identifier to it e.g. paulagainey, PaulaLGainey, paulaleegainey, paulagaineyonline etc and claim the same name combination URL  for every platform



4. Establish your profile on all of the Big “7” platforms using your proper name i.e Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, and Instagram. This may seem like overkill but it will help you claim your identity in the search engines.


#Tip4 Claim your profile on the platform even if you don’t use it frequently. It’s like online real estate that you need to protect of yourself and your identity.


5. Keep your personal profile for private life. If you have a work or business persona that you want to secure online use the ‘page’ option and create a public figure or brand profile eg. you have a blog or online store. This lets you keep a private and a public profile and separate your private and work life as you would in real life. This is especially useful if you are self-employed or work-from-home as you able to specify your work hours and let your audience know that you are not online 24/7 to solve their every little query and it helps to keep your health and sanity.


#Tip5 If you’ve ever heard the phrase ‘don’t bring your work home’ with you, remember this when it comes to your status updates. Hammering your friends with your work stuff is like door-to-door salesmen on your personal profile. Enough said I’ll let you work it out from there.


That’s the top 5 points on how to claim your name online I have today and this begins a series about social media for the everyday user. We will be looking at all the Big 7 platforms mentioned above and how to effectively use them. If you liked this please share with your friends. You can connect with on all these platforms using the social buttons in my profile after this article.

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