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Where the marketing tools can be likened to your digital assets for your business (Hat tip to Jeff Bulla) Digital Marketing includes multi-channel strategies and tactics that raises the visibility of your brand online so customers can find you, gather information from your content and then purchase your products. Multi-channel marketing requires the right tools and platforms to measure success and failure of your marketing campaigns.


Search Engine Optimisation


The fastest and easiest way to navigate around the Internet is to use a Search Engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing etc. The placement of your site within search requests can have a huge effect on the likelihood that it is selected by a user. Search engine optimising is a method of improving the visibility of a website or page within search engine rankings. Implementing a SEO strategy can quickly boost your site s search engine rank which can have a wide range of benefits. This is important enough for companies to specialise in and a good SEO Company will include a number of techniques that over time will help your site rank well and even sit on the first page of a search engine like Google.

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Search Engine and Social Media Marketing (PPC, facebook ads)

PPC - pay per click button
Attracting a large volume of visitors to your local business site quickly and on a limited budget can be difficult. There are a wide range of methods you can use to increase your site’s traffic, and one of the fastest and most cost-effective is pay per click (PPC) advertising. This allows you to place a link to your website on a search engine results page in order to direct traffic to your website. Most major search engines offer a PPC Service and with the rise of social networking sites there is opportunity to target very specific customers on platforms like Facebook. A well-conducted PPC strategy can bring about results almost immediately.

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Email marketing


Email Marketing
When you have a website and you have managed to direct a steady flow of traffic, people will come, absorb some information and then leave. The practice of capturing your visitors email address with a lead form will allow you to build a list of potential customers you can continually stay in contact with and provide them with more content of value and periodically special offers. Email marketing is the art of making money from your email list. It is extremely important that you treat your email list with care and adopt good marketing practices to achieve maximum benefits. With a combination of good practices and simple strategies you can rake in massive profits from your list.

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Social Media


Social Media encompasses the plethora of social networking websites that has exploded on the Internet over recent years that let people connect in a social environment and share content. There are different types of social media websites and may include: 

Social media
  • Social networks – Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace
  • Social bookmarking –, Stumbleupon, Digg, Technoratti
  • Content sharing – Squidoo, Hubpages, Ezine articles
  • Photo-sharing – Pinterest, Flickr, Picasa
  • Video-sharing – YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion,
  • Blogging & Podcasting – WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr

Social media is an advanced way that people can interact using the latest digital technology and more importantly your customers are using social media and they expect your business to be in the social loop.

For a simple explanation on Facebook“, “GooglePlus”, “Foursquare” and “Pinterest” click here to view our short videos




cloud and mobile apps
Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers enable people to engage with brands, services and each other at any time, anywhere 24/7. A mobile app is essentially a small software application designed to run on a smartphone or mobile device. They a fast becoming one of the most effective ways to take advantage of the online marketing boom, as businesses can use them to promote their products, increase brand awareness, and offer valuable resources to customers.

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