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Facebook features you might have missed

Facebook features you might have missed

Facebook features you might not be familiar with but can be fun to add to your toolbox of tricks when using this platform.


* Change your language settings

Avast Me Hearties! Join the fun of International Talk like a Pirate Day every September 19 and change your language setting to English (Pirate). Or if you’re feeling a little topsy turvy you could try English (upside down). Anyway have some fun with your status updates! Of course if you are bilingual or multi-lingual this feature is invaluable.

Found in your Settings > General > Language


* Check out your facebook romance

From your personal timeline copy and paste this link into your browser to find a story line about your relationship with the person you have linked as in a relationship with.

If you’re not listed as being in a relationship, it will just go to your regular page because Facebook thinks that you are just in love with yourself.


* Secret emoji’s for status updates

Ever wondered how people get those little emoticons to show up as part of their status updates? Check out this chart of symbol combinations that create these icons to represent your emotions. Women love them, Men, well … meh!


* Messages “Other” folder

The Other folder is where Facebook sends all messages from people you are not connected to as Friend. This tab is only visible from your browser login on a desktop computer not through the apps.

Go to Messages in your top bar of the Facebook page in the top right-hand corner. The Messages list box open and there are two tabs available named “Inbox” and “Other” which ever is in black text is the current tab you are in. Click the greyed out option to swap tabs and become active.




* Send files over Facebook chat

Sometimes you may want to send something, say a photo, document or even a voice message file to only one person or a select group while you are chatting. Conveniently Facebook Messages has the functionality to let you do just this.


In your New Message dialogue box on your desktop You will find the “Add Files.. ” in the Settings option



On your mobile device you may have these options






* Embed public content on your website/blog

This is a very useful feature for bloggers or webmasters with Content that has been posted exclusively on Facebook and you want to bring it into your content.


On the post that you would like to Embed, use the small dropdown arrow in the top right-hand of the post box and select the “Embed Post” option to reveal a dialogue box with the html code. Copy and paste this into your code on your site.




So I hope you found these useful and if you have any fun little tips for getting the most out of Facebook share them in the comments. If you enjoyed this post please like and share it on your favourite platform especially Facebook of course.


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