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Below you will find the Marketing Tools that are garnering the most success online at the moment. As the internet and online community continues to evolve these may change or develop so it is important to stay connected to keep in touch with what is working to maintain your successful business online.


Having a strategy is the most important element of any marketing whether it be online or offline. Why? Because unless you know what you’re trying to achieve the How is pretty much useless and you’ll just be expending time and money on pointless tasks. All marketing should be an integration of the business as a whole which includes the 4 P’s – Product, Price, Place (Location and/or Distribution) and Promotion.

Do You Need a Marketing Plan? 


Short answer YES!  Why? Because it gives you a plan of action. Have you heard the phrase – ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail’ by Ben Franklin?No matter how small, how new or old your business is, you need a plan of action. How will you know WHAT you are trying to accomplish? How will you know if you are progressing? You wouldn’t build a house without a plan, and you can not build a successful business without one either.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail’ – Ben Franklin…

Your marketing plan will change as you grow and as you test various elements. So don’t worry if your decisions aren’t perfect at this point, they can always be refined and adjusted later. It doesn’t have to be fancy and the format isn’t important. It’s your marketing decisions that are important. You can create your marketing plan on a napkin if you had to.

On a piece of paper or in your journal write the following six questions — leave some space between each one for your answers:

1. What is My Goal?

2. Who Do I Want to Help?

3. How Do I Want to Help Them?

4. What Will I Offer Them?

5. How Will I Reach Them?

6. How Will I Know If It’s Working?

Work through these questions and you will find that you will achieve some real clarity about what it is you want your business to achieve.

From here you can use the following five steps to determine the details of What, When, How and keep a track of your progress toward achieving success with your business.

1. Goal

2. Deadline

3. System

4. Measure

5. Report

Don’t be fooled into thinking that these steps appear to be too simple. There is tremendous power in each step. The above formula can be applied in every aspect of your marketing mix and no more so than in your promotional efforts. Use this with each marketing tool that we suggest below and you will be pleasantly surprised at how efficient you can become.

For a simple explanation on How to conduct your Market Research online click here to view our short video


Online Homebase

You are the gatekeeper to your business and the most powerful of the online marketing tools you have available to you as a business owner is a website. There are 3 elements available to you when considering what your business needs and can be used singularly or in combination.

Online Homebase

–     Mobile-ready website

–     Blog

–     eStore



For a simple explanation on Your Business Website click here to view our short videos

QR Codes

Giia Marketing on Google Plus
QR codes are similar to the standard bar code you see on almost every item for sale. However, a QR code can store much more information, and quite honestly, they’re really trendy right now. QR codes can tell a smart phone to do almost anything, including launch a website, go to your facebook page, view a Google Maps location, send an email, dial a phone number, sent a text message, or even download your businesses contact information.

Remember, there is still a sizzle factor when people see QR codes, so be creative. Think about adding them to mailers, event displays, business cards, print adds, even buttons or clothing. People almost can’t resist scanning it. It’s a great balance between informative and curiosity marketing.

For a simple explanation on QR Codes click here to view our short video


Directory Listings

There are literally hundreds of online directories available on the internet. These directories are designed to help online users locate the websites and information they are looking for.

Getting your small business registered on the top online directories will result in:

Directory Listings
  • Increased website traffic
  • Increased sales/revenue
  • Increased SERP rankings
  • More reciprocal links to your website – Greater brand recognition
  • More interactions with customers
  • The ability to share deals, promotions, press releases and other special events with customers.
  • A better and more comprehensive online appearance.


Articles & Press Releases

Articles and Press Releases
Articles and Press Releases are  used widely by website owners and online marketers for their ability to attract a large amount o
When you place a hyperlink within your Articles and Press Releases , you ensure that people have access to the site you want to promote, generating even more organic traffic. Statistics show that sites on the front page of Google have a 95% chance of being clicked, while sites on the second page of Google have only a 5% chance of being clicked.f viewers and direct traffic to accompanying webpages.

Use exciting and informative content within your  Articles and Press Releases to attract and maintain a constant slew of visitors, with all the content available on the Web, you want to stand out, be unique and give visitors something refreshing, which can only help generate more traffic to your site.



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