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Optimise your facebook security settings

Optimise your facebook security settings

Even after all this time, there are still many half-truths and scaremongering that continues whenever someone mentions ‘privacy‘ or ‘security‘ of the social media platforms. If you are not completely sure about how to lockdown your privacy on Facebook then there is a brilliant walk-through from Amy-Mae Elliot on Mashable which you can check out by clicking  here. In this update I’ll help you to optimise your facebook security settings and some suggestions when posting a status update.

 Limit the search function

You have the ability to make your personal profile visible in the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo using this feature. If you are using it purely for connecting with family and friends this is a very useful feature however if you want to be found for work or community connections it would not be advisable to enable this feature.

Use the dropdown arrow in  the top-right hand corner of your profile to access all your settings

facebook security settings




Select the “Settings” option > “Privacy” which opens the Privacy Settings and Tools dialogue box > Who can look me up? > then the last option is “Do you want other search engines to link to your Timeline”. Use the “Edit” link to choose Yes or No.



facebook security settings

 Limit your apps access that other friends use

From the “Settings” option > select “Apps” which opens the Apps Settings dialogue box.


Limit Apps access



Scroll down to “Apps others use” and select the info you want to allow the apps that your facebook friends use to access


Facebook security settings

TAKE NOTE: If you want apps and websites to access other categories of information (like your friends list, gender or info you’ve made public), you can turn off all Platform apps. But remember, you will not be able to use any games or apps yourself.


Limit the ads function

This one is not exactly related to the security of your account but many users have an unfounded belief that their information is scrutinised by an employee in the Facebook organisation (remember there are over 1 billion users on Facebook world-wide) but the ability to determine what shows up in your newsfeed is spelled out in this section.

From the “Settings” option < select “Adverts” to open the Facebook Adverts dialogue box. Scroll down to “Adverts and Friends” and click the “Edit” option to choose your settings.

TAKE NOTE: Take the time to read the explanation in the dialogue so you know exactly how Facebook policy regarding social advertising to you is delivered.


facebook security settings



If you do not want your facebook likes displayed to your friends then use the option at the bottom of the screen to turn this function off

Limit ads and friends

See if anyone is using your login

With the ongoing development of devices and applications we have the ability to be logged in to many places at one time for example sometimes I am directly logged in on my desktop, my iPhone app and my iPad app and I may have used facebook as a login option in my browser even though I may not have them open and using them. This feature lets you keep a close eye on where your login is active

From the “Settings” option > select “Security” to open the “Security Settings” dialogue box. Scoll down to bottom option “Where Your’re Logged In” and click the “Edit” option to  make any changes.


Facebook security settings

Limit your post audience using Lists


Just like Twitter and Google+, you are able to organise your friends into lists which is brilliant if you have huge numbers in your friends list. This feature also lets us be specific with what content we want visible to people as well.

In the newsfeed page of your personal profile you’ll find in the left-hand side bar the lists associated with you i.e Pages you manage, Groups you’re in, Apps you use and Friends List.


Facebook security settings

Newsfeed sidebar Lists



Facebook automatically generates a couple of lists like Close Friends and Acquaintances or sometimes it may be based on geographical location or Schools you both attended etc.. To view the whole lot hover to the right of the list and it will highlight a MORE option. You can click this to open the “List” dialogue page to manage all pages and where you can create more lists.

To add a friend to a list go to their profile timeline and clicking on the blue *Friends drop-down arrow button in the top left of the Cover photo it will reveal your options. If the list you want doesn’t show, choose the “Add to another list” and it will open another dialogue box with all options.


Facebook security settings


NOTE: You can choose whether to be notified of the friends updates here as well.


Facebook security settings

NOTE: You can add them to more than one list

When you are updating your status here is where the power of having a list come to play. When you select the Friends drop-down you can choose who you want to be able to see the post. Effectively if you do not choose public or just friends, this will exclude all others not included in the list. This is great feature if you have a large friends list and use your profile for friends and family, work, community etc.

Facebook security settings

#TOP TIP: If you add people who you would not like to have access to your private info like family photos etc but feel they would still be great to add to your network (like work associates or club members etc) you can add them to the “Acquaintances” list and when you want to add a private update simply choose the “Friends except acquaintances” option in the drop-down.

So those are my top security features for you to consider and make use of. If this help you please like and share it with your networks (see the network buttons below this post) and if you want to be kept up to date then fill in our newsletter form below and we’ll keep you hooked up. Keep an eye out for more useful features of the social platforms in our upcoming posts

Have a good one!

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