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The Online Marketing Toolkit



The Online Marketing Toolkit  are products and tools to implement your marketing strategy to compliment your offline efforts. Given how much we use technology and the internet in all other aspects of our lives, having your business online is essential if you plan to grow into the future. With this in mind the average bricks and mortar business can be very quickly overwhelmed when you decide to venture online with your business. Drawing from the current industry experts in online marketing we have strived to present a simple way to navigate your way to creating an integrated online presence for your business. The Online Marketing Toolkit contains a breakdown of the elements which can be pulled together as quickly or as slowly as you want depending on time and finances.

To help you see what elements can be used we have separated our Online Marketing Toolkit into two groups:


Marketing Tools              Marketing Tools

*Online Marketing Strategy
*Online Homebase
*Articles & Press Releases
*QR Codes
*Directory Listings

Digital Marketing             Digital Marketing

* Paid advertising (PPC, facebook ads)
* Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
* Email marketing
* Social Media
* Apps


To access more information about these elements of the Online Marketing Toolkit, just click on the group heading or use the drop down menu at the top of the page.




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