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Top 10 website tips for Small Businesses

Top 10 website tips for Small Businesses

Effective Local business websites

If you are a brick and mortar local store or business there are some essential elements that must be included in how your site functions. The top 5 considerations include

  1. being mobile-optimised for search,
  2. immediate access to your contact details,
  3. how-to find you,
  4. your opening hours and
  5. what products/services you offer and here’s why:
  • The majority of searches (something like 80%) for a local business are done on a MOBILE DEVICE. If your site is hard to see or takes a lot of pinching or stretching to get a good look at, more often than not the user will flick away.
  • Most searching is done to call to ask for information so your phone and contact details should be right there with your Logo as a clickable CALL NOW link.
  • If they don’t want to call right away they will be wanting to know how to get to you so a Google Map is essential and whether you are open or not.
  • After that they will want to know if you have what they want.

The top 10 effective website tips for small businesses infographic

With the above information in mind the desktop version of your site should follow along the lines of the below infographic of website tips for small businesses to ensure optimal time of your users on your site to increase the likelihood of turning them into a customer.


website tips for small businesses




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